These flowers and juicy watermelons are what I wish I could give and share with you all. Thank you for following and supporting my journey.

Today has been absolutely blissful and my soul has been reignited with so much passion, motivation and love. The Universe introduces and removes people from our lives at exactly the right time, if we aren’t aware / we might miss something great.

Today, I have begun planning the next big project for cleanbodyfreshstart // there is so much ahead of us and I am excited for the message I have to reach thousands more people.

I would like to say a ridiculously huge thank you to those of my followers who have been here from the start, found and followed me again after deleting and always showing my kindness and love while watching me grow and recover.
A massive thank to all of my other followers who are absolute angels, the energy which radiates from messages, comments and reblogs / it blows me away every single day.

This blog has been a huge part of my journey over the past two years and it has influenced the person I am today.
I would like to now take the next step, and work towards making this part of my career. I would like to be more active and work one on one, provide personalized health plans, I am already working on a variety of e-books, newsletters, health articles and lots LOTS more. My notebook can’t handle me right now and I won’t spoil all of the surprises!

I hope you will join and support me in the next part of my journey, it’s something I am so excited about.

Thank you again, for being such beautiful rays of sunshine and blooming flowers in my garden ♡❀❀