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EARTHLING — would like to vomit every time I’m grocery...

would like to vomit every time I’m grocery shopping and see the huge amount of murder being sold

It is not a humans right to decide the life span of animal.
It is not a humans right to breed, sell, trade and make a profit from another living being.
It is not a humans right to kill, sell or eat another living being.

Humans are the only species who must cook meat in order to be able to eat it without becoming ill - doesn’t that tell you something?

In countries where a higher amount of meat (and animal products alike) are eaten, there is a proven increase of cancer, cardiovascular disease and illness.

By purchasing this meat, you are actively SUPPORTING animals being abused and killed for human profit. You can argue this as much as you wish, but by purchasing animal products - you ARE supporting the industries and their behaviors.

To make a change, YOU need to help.

To improve YOUR health and increase your lifespan while decreasing your chances of disease along with preventing unnecessary animal cruelty, abuse and slaughter - go vegan

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    It is not a humans right to decide the life span of animal. It is not a humans right to breed, sell, trade and make a...
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    The amount of ignorance in this post is truly sickening. I would argue this with a quote from the bible, but I’m sure it...
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