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I am Rosie, I am a free spirit living on this Earth trying to make it the best place I can. Vegan, Yoga, Body Peace, Acceptance, Self Love, Recovery, Balance and Happiness

I love you :)

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sending love to youuuuu

Please move to Brisbane so I can meet you :(

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I’ll come for a play date one day xx

Rosie! You are amazing and you inspire me each and every day. Just thought I'd let you know xxx

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Thank you blossom xx

Do you sometimes consume bread ?

A question by Anonymous

I’ve realized I react to large amounts of gluten so I’ve been off bread for a few weeks! So bummed, I have been craving toast so bad

(most gf bread has egg whites)

What's your thoughts on sodium and consuming salt ?

A question by Anonymous

I keep mine to a minimum where possible, but I’m not worried about my intake bc I don’t eat many foods with added salt.

Kubby looks asain or something fucked like that haha what NATO is he?

A question by Anonymous

This is so fucking rude.
“Something fucked like that” please do not message me racist comments of any kind, let alone about my boyfriend.

He is not Asian.

What yummy choc did you eat for Easter? Xx

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I only had a lil bit of choc on Saturday night but I’m about to et some now

Kubby and I shared alter eco choc (mint, dark, quinoa & kub had toffee)
and pana chocolate (cinnamon, cacao, mint)

Rosie I just wanted to say fuck all the haters 'cause there's plenty of people here who love and appreciate you and what you're doing. I think you make a huge difference and girl you is fine!

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You make me wanna eat chocolate and listen to Christmas carols

Rosie im so sad my aunt bought a COW a live cow and plans to have it slaughtered for the meat i am disgusted and saddened

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This was something so hard for me to deal with because my mother does the same, it’s hard to deal with family who are so opposite to you.
Just stay focused and make your difference. It must make you upset - so maybe do something more with your animal love - volunteer at a shelter? Or foster a kitten/puppy?
Maybe even just pick up rubbish in your town, put it in the bin. Try to feel centered.

Rosie , I feel really down on myself :( I've never had a boyfriend or kissed anyone and I'm 15.

A question by Anonymous

Trust me, you’ve got a lot of kisses and relationships ahead of you in your life.

I don’t believe in age - however I will use it and talk about it here.
At the age of 15, very few people live out of home, have full time jobs and are really able to discover who they are.
Honestly, being in a relationship at 15 is something you will probably look back on and say “what was I thinking”

So much living is ahead of you. Take it each minute as it comes, don’t dread your past, embrace your NOW.

Everything happens at the right time it’s meant to happen - have peace knowing that you’re just waiting for the right time.

“ You taught me to like myself regardless of who I’m dating or who my friends are, and to trust that I could pick myself up again no matter how hard I fell down. ”

—    Leigh Weingus [x] (via a-thousand-words)

(via vrazda)

are you a feminist

A question by Anonymous


mainly yes but don’t just stereotype me with your idea of a feminist bc u don’t know my beliefs on the matter