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Rosie, do you ever worry about your teeth when eating loads of fruit? Like have you noticed any erosion from the acids?

My dentist says my teeth are perfectly healthy, my sister is a dental nurse and was always negative about how my teeth would be and it was funny seeing her face when the dentist said that my nashers were awesome.
Floss, brush with fluoride free or homemade toothpaste, use tea tree chewing sticks and oil pulling. Healthy teeth and gums :)

Rosie my love I hope you are feeling calm and happy today, remember that we all love you so much and that we are so thankful for all your help with everything- you are a true star and what you are doing for us (people you have never met) is truly wonderful and inspiring!! Thank you Rosie, you have changed my life- All my love 🐾🐾

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to message me something so sweet. I genuinely appreciate the appreciation!
I hope today is glorious for you, be kind to yourself and embrace the universe.

Sending you my love xxx

Rosie, I truly hope you know how much you mean to all of us. There really are no words, you are so important. We love you 💕

This is so beautiful, thank you sweet earthling xxx

Hi Rosie ! Today i have been binge free for seven days!! :D you told i would recieve my second challenge, and I am so Ready for it!! Love you xx

YAHOOOO! You’re on a roll :) so proud of you my cherub

Next challenge(s)
• another 7 days binge free / fight ED
• write a letter to your future self, let it all out and tell yourself what you need to hear / seal it, date it and put it somewhere safe
• cook a new recipe, experiment and do something new in the kitchen, break past your boundaries!

You have been set your next challenge xxx

That picture of your breakfast is my life goals, you're literally my inspiration xo

Dude I smashed that breakfast, I was so damn hungry! You’re awesome, lets high five and dance weirdly together sometime x

would you recommend yoga for someone recovering from an illness? i have had the flu and do not feel strong enough yet to start running and strength training again

I would 200% recommend yoga to everyone from all walks of life, it will improve your world and quality of life. You don’t have to have flexibility or know anything about yoga, you just have to be willing to learn and practice.

Please try yoga, and contrary to what many people believe / yoga IS a workout. I have many sweaty yoga sessions! Yoga is a full body toner, you use so many muscles. Go at your own pace and enjoy the journey with your body xx

is it safe to drink soya milk?

It’s something which people have different opinions on.

I personally love soy milk, always make sure you buy organic though / non gmo x

7:29am I have showered, my hair/body is smothered w coconut oil, 2 cups of tea + 4 pieces of gf toast with beans & spinach
… my baby crashed under the pillows

finally in comfy town // thank u weeerrrrlld

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how about some sleep?


what on earth were you out drinking or something? haha <3

Yes indeed, drinking and lots of dancing, bit of a stomp too. Gooooodnight, so ready for a shower and food xx

5:55am driving home // dying but it’s okay because the earth is getting lighter literally every second, wowee

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this is how my night started // it’s 5:34am and I am going home

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The Sandlot (1993)

This freaking movie

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Update ♡

Hello my earthlings, my sun rays and my flowers!

Firstly I hope you are all enjoying this universe today, embrace your surroundings. Love yourselves and absorb into the atmosphere.

Secondly, there are some things I want to share! I’m not going to make a huge post, so I’ll break it down!

• I have been mainly blogging from my iPhone for the past year // I am getting a new laptop in the coming weeks and I can assure you things will be changing!
• Once I have my laptop, I will do my very best to return older messages that have built up in my ask box! I apologize if your message has not been answered but it may be very soon!
• I have big things in store, but they require work and lots of love, so I hope you will all be patient until perfection
• To those asking // YES a cleanse will be shared, it is apart of the projects I am working on
• There are SO many things I am working on, its just taking time to put it all together || I am so excited for the release though ♡

• I will be embarking on a journey for my soul on the 16th of next month // I hope to be able to blog throughout the journey and keep you all up to date with my funky happenings

Thank you for being apart of this wild ride called life, and thank you for choosing to watch my story unfold.

Please be kind to yourselves and honor your body, mind and soul.
Lots of love from me, Rosie xx