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I am Rosie, I am a free spirit living on this Earth trying to make it the best place I can. Vegan, Yoga, Body Peace, Acceptance, Self Love, Recovery, Balance and Happiness

PLEASE OMG CAN YOU SHARE A CURRY RECIPE WITHOUT COCONUT MILK!?!?!? I can't find one anywhere!!!! Trying to be high carb low fat vegan! xxx

A question by Anonymous

Here’s one of my original curry recipes - you can adjust it really easily.

korma curry paste
crushed tomatoes (no added salt)
curry powder
frozen peas
firm tofu (optional!)
baby spinach

• chop the carrot, cauliflower and zucchini, put into a microwavable bowl, cover and put into the microwave for 2-4 minutes to steam. (this is technically cheating, but it saves the cooking time of the curry!)
• chop the mushroom and cube the tofu.
• in a pan, add a teaspoon of oil (I use coconut or rice bran) to this add the onion diced up finely.
• when onion is lightly browned, add the korma paste then the crushed tomatoes, stir it until it is combined and ‘saucy’ this is when you can add the curry powder.
• to this, add the chick peas (I’ve been using lentils too!) and frozen peas, mixing until they are coated.
• add the steamed vegetable, tofu and mushroom.
• stir until everything is coated, put the lid on the pan, and stir again in a minute or two.
• then add baby spinach (you can’t taste it, but it adds nutrients and honestly I like the cooked product!)
• stir stir stir, cover and let it continue to simmer for a while.

ugh rosie you are perfect. i wish you could see it

A question by Anonymous

I wish I saw myself in the way all of you see me - but with your love and kindness, I’m getting there.

Is it possible to make a curry dish without coconut milk?

A question by Anonymous

YES! I only just started adding coconut milk :)

Last year when you weren't on recovery yet you used to post a lot of pictures of food but still were suuper skinny, did you realy eat what you used to post?

A question by Anonymous

I have been recovering for two years, only one professionally - I was recovering all of last year.
Yes, I ate what I posted. I never lied about my intake.

we’ve seen a lot today, so much love

our backseat has become a fruit sanctuary, thank u roadside stalls selling local, organic papayas

adventure ready in the car
{sugar bananas • apple mango orange banana passionfruit crusher}

I want to be your best friend!

A question by Anonymous

Come and play

I always end up eating cooked food when I try raw veganism. I eat at least 2500 calories a day. What am I doing wrong?

A question by Anonymous

You’re not doing anything wrong - 2500 cals is an average day!

Cooked food may take a while to wean yourself off - maybe aim for just a cooked dinner each day until you don’t even desire that warmth - then start having raw/steamed dinners!

im fully raw and eating 2000 calories maximum a day with intense exercise. i feel incredible but people keep telling me this isn't healthy... some say im eating way too much and some say im eating too little. do you think this is healthy?

A question by Anonymous

Fully raw with intense exercise - you need to eat a lot more than 2000 calories!

2000 should be your absolute minimum for the day

You're my fav blog ever you lovely soul!!💕never stop, it gives me the best vibes xx

A question by Anonymous

Thank you thank you thank you xxxx

Would eating 8-10 bananas for a meal cause constipation?

A question by Anonymous

Not at all

Bananas are supposed to be eaten when ideally ripe - this is when then are covered in spots and the skin is very easily peeled back.
When eating bananas when they are ripe - you will not get constipation.

Could you give me some suggestions for a vegan breakfast? :)

A question by Anonymous

• corn flakes with sliced banana, frozen bluebs, raw sugar and soy milk
• toast with avocado, diced red onion and tomato + s/p, lemon juice
• toast with vegemite and avocado
• toast with peanut butter, sliced banana and cinnamon
• toast with peanut butter and jam
• oats with coconut sugar and soy milk
• oats with mashed banana, cinnamon and peanut butter
• overnight oats with diced apple and dates / sultanas and cinnamon / frozen berries and chia seeds
• toast with sautéed mushroom, zucchini, tomato, baby spinach + seasoning n olive oil
• muesli with yoghurt, banana and frozen berries
• muesli on top of a smoothie bowl (blend frozen banana and juice)
• smoothie - base of 4 frozen bananas, cold water/soy milk and cinnamon + vanilla / berries / dates / etc
• mono meal - a large meal of ONE type of fruit eg a watermelon, 10 apples, 15 oranges etc..
• date balls + banana smoothie
• pancakes with sliced banana and coconut sugar
• hash browns

Is this enough to eat in one day? Breakfast: smoothie (a banana, a pear & a mango) Lunch: a large salad with avo, seeds/nuts.. Dinner: veggie tofu stir fry with sauce! I feel like this is way too much..

A question by Anonymous

Baby that’s hardly anything! I know it would fuel me for a whole day.
Try not to think of amounts - just eat for satisfaction! xx

What should someone who is 5'8' weigh?

A question by Anonymous

Absolutely whatever feels comfortable