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souls visited

I'm curious - do you have a very active social life? Would you say you had many close friends? I'm struggling letting go of a few toxic friendships right now, I guess because I feel that without them I'll be lonely. I'm honestly getting to the point though that I'd rather be lonely that have to deal with so much frustration and anxiety!

My social life is not very active and I don’t have many close friends (around me).

I really secluded myself when I started recovery, because the outside world was too much. To the point where I wouldn’t even respond to texts or answer the calls from my best friend in Syndey, sadly she didn’t understand that I wasn’t ignoring her, I was struggling - she left.
Eventually I eased back into partying, but realized I didn’t enjoy it as much, drinking had changed and I just viewed it all differently. It was a waste of time to me. I liked being at home with my routine.

Leaving high school I didn’t have a group of friends either, towards the end I wasn’t very close with my grade, I preferred my time alone in the library because I didn’t feel anxious there and it was quiet. It’s okay to be the kid in the library, fuck the assholes who think they’re cool to tease people for where they choose to hang out. You’re looking after yourself, not them.

Right now, Kubby is the person who I do things with. I have girlfriends and guy friends that I text, but do not live near me so we don’t get the chance to socialize, we just text and chat at times. Which is nice, but I do miss having just a few close friends who come over & adventure with.

Brie is my bb but she works a lot and it’s hard, but we don’t lose each other so that’s what matters.

Tonight I’m going to a party and it should be great because I’m actually excited to socialize (never thought I would say that)!

My advise - end as many toxic relationships as you need to. People come and go and you don’t deserve to be destroyed by someone lingering. Be strong, be proud and be assertive. You are allowed to make decisions for your own health and happiness.

PLEASE READ THIS, ITS VERY IMPORTANT!!! I don’t know if this only applies to people in Australia BUT… If you happen to go out for a meal or make a fab meal at home you just can’t resist to share, take a snap and upload it to Instagram with the hash tag “#mealforameal”.
With every hash tag, Virgin Australia will donate a meal to someone in need!


do you suffer from anxiety? How do you cope?

Yes I have been diagnosed with anxiety.

Realistically I should be on anti anxiety medication but after the amount of drugs I was on and my horrible reactions to them - I am kinda flat out “no” to any more antipsychotics.

I cope by living gently, having people I feel comfortable/safe with, being honest about my moods/emotions, being able to identify triggers and deal with them.

Some days I don’t cope though, I cry often and that’s okay. Anxiety isn’t easy and no one is a super hero, we’ve just gotta find ways to keep going.

Sooo happy to hear about carrot seed oil! I'm a VERY fair red head and if any part if my skin is exposed for more than 10 minutes I burn hard so I had no choice but to use sunscreen in certain places (it's hard to cover your feet at the beach, for example) or so I thought until now!!

I’m so pleased you’ve found a natural alternative! Woo :)

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Organic Avocado tree nestled in my backyard - so perfect.

I am so excited to not only have my own avocado tree, but organic and grown in my backyard. Since moving in, I haven’t yet gotten my compost bin so I’ve been putting my fruit/veg scraps around the base of the tree - nutrients straight back into the soil!

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First light in the Canyon was extremely cold, but such a beautiful site to see.

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Food Bars and LUSH giveaway!

As you all probably know by now, one of my #1 goals for this blog (and my life tbh) is to spread enthusiasm for self-love and wholesome foods. This goal and my unwavering gratitude for all my followers has led me to the idea to do a giveaway! All of you deserve a care package, but alas- I am only one person (& a student, at that). Sooooo I’ve put together a little basket of goodies for someone out here on tumblr :)

What it consists of:

  • Some vegan soap/bubble bath from LUSH based on the winner’s needs & preferences :)
  • 3 Vega bars (in all different flavours)
  • 1 The Edge bar (bonus: these are locally (for me, anyways) made on Vancouver Island, BC!)
  • 1 bar of Zimt vegan chocolate

I would have loved to send someone fruits & veg but I don’t think that would fly with the postal service!

To be clear: the aim of this giveaway is to treat someone with some self-care! But, I really want to stress just how important self-care is. Please take the time to reflect and ask your body what it needs! :)


  • I’ll send it anywhere! This is not restricted to people in Canada!
  • There’s not much to this part! Enter by either reblogging this post or commenting on one of my blog posts (make sure you mention your tumblr URL in the comment or I won’t know who you are!)
  • You don’t need to follow me, reblog this post, like this post or send me a message in order to win (but it does help ;))
  • I’d love to hear about your day, share advice or just chat, but please don’t message me just because of the giveaway (unless you have a question about it hehe)

Take care, sweet souls :)

Wonderful giveaway and I would love my followers to get on board this self care train ♡

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when fire shaving, does it grow back darker and is it stubbly? would you recommend it over shaving/waxing?

My arm hair has never grown back darker or stubbly. I burnt about 4 days ago and right now my arm hair is soft to touch (growing slowly)

I would definitely recommend burning your arm hair instead of shaving or waxing. It’s also so much cheaper, quicker and is also less annoying than shaving! Shaving my arms only happened once - felt so weird and I didn’t like it haha