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Why don't you shave??


Because I feel comfortable with my body hair & I don’t think that anyone should feel ashamed of the natural state of their body :)

plus it’s a great way to weed out weak men

my love ⋙

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I got nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge. I'm totally against animal testing but if I don't do it I feel as if I'm not supporting a good cause :( what should I do ?

You can do the challenge but donate to a different cause! I have had many friends who are against animal testing do this, including my special girl, Alou ( maybe ask her about what she did x

yo anon who told Rosie that she's to skinny since you can see her ribcage-- seeing someone's ribcage means nothing especially when they're stretching/doing yoga. I know I can see my ribcage and I'm far from underweight so anon mind your own business and don't stress about other peoples bodies(or your own) xx

Ayyyy girl I like yo mind x

I'm very curious, what does a custard apple taste like? :o I don't think I've seen anything like it, sounds like it would taste amazing!

It’s honestly incredible!

There’s not many fruits I could use in comparison / if any!

When it’s ripe, you can gently tear the flesh apart. Inside, the flesh is a whitish/custardy, it’a juice is sticky and sweet / tear of the flesh which has a black seed inside.
It’s sweet, smooth and like the consistency of pudding or custard!

If the fruit is over ripe / the inside isn’t very nice to eat, it’s “fuzzy” if that makes sense x

today was the first time I have worn a bikini all summer in front of people. Last summer I was 100ish and this summer I am considered "overweight" by weight but athlete by body fat. My dad commented that weightlifting and being vegan made fat..

Tell your dad that being a pig and critical makes him an asshole.

You are awesome / your weight does not reflect your muscle or body fat. You weight lift? Damn girl your body must be kickin! Wear that bikini with pride, you’re not there to impress anyone and you don’t need anyone judgement. You are you, and you are damn fine x

Have you watched the document DMT The Spirit Molecule? I highly recommend it to you and your followers! Very fascinating.

I haven’t but I will definitely put it on my to watch list :) sounds like something up my ally x

I really love you and your blog. I apply every piece of advice you give to my life. My life and health has improved 120%!

Yay! This makes me so happy, thank you for trusting me x

How many calories should I eat on a normal vegan diet with little exercise?

Every body requires a different calorific amount to thrive / there is NO magic number which works for everyone.

On a vegan intake, whether you are active or not - I recommend eating at least 2000 calories daily, from a balanced and healthy plant based intake.

Sweet Rosie... Do I want potatoes or spaghetti for dinner tonight?

Omg, potatoes followed by spaghetti is the obvious choice

Yesterday, a beautiful organic invisible tan pack from Eco Tan arrived 🌞

Thank you so much Eco Tan, my skin is calling for you!

Eco Tan contains:
• NO artificial or synthetic ingredients
• 100% Organic
• 100% VEGAN
• Certified TOXIC FREE
• Australian owned and run company

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I woke up this morning looking like I’ve just spent my night snoozing on a beach ☼ Thank you Eco Tan ♡

The great thing is - it won’t stain your sheets or leave clothing with a funny smell!

To the girls out there wanting a natural looking tan, without the sun or a bottle of chemicals / get onto this little beauty right now!

• 100% vegan
• Certified Organic
• NO artificial or synthetic ingredients
• Australian made and owned
• Smells amazing

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My first raw breakfast in ages. Okay, it’s only been a couple of days but whatever. Today we have grapes, kiwis, mango, and homemade orange juice. || #vegan #healthy #raw #rawgust

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