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Do you do any arm exercises or just yoga?

Yoga is a full body workout which strengthen all muscles including arms. I also use 4kg dumbbells or various arm/shoulder/back exercises x

what are some great vegan sources of zinc? thank you ! (:

Did you know, zinc is great for your sex drive?

Zinc content depends on the levels of the mineral present in the soil where foods are grown.

• Raw organic seeds and seed butters, including pumpkin, chia, hemp, sesame, sunflower, and poppy, help to supply the body with the essential zinc that it needs.
• Pumpkin seeds in particular have one of the highest concentrations of zinc in plant-based foods.
• Organic, raw rolled oats also provide a good source of dietary zinc.
• Organic, raw nuts, such as cashews, almonds, and Brazil nuts, also contain significant amounts of zinc.
• Most fresh fruits contain zinc, with avocados, raspberries, apricots, blackberries, dates, longan berries, and pomegranates providing especially good sources of the mineral.
• Organic dried fruits, such as dried peaches, plums, currants, bananas, and figs are also a good source of zinc.
• Many vegetables also contain zinc. Asparagus, brussels sprouts, peas, pumpkin, and chard are all good sources of dietary zinc.

This is probably SO STUPID Rosie but, there's a part of me that feels going vegan is limiting my experiences in life. Tastes, having pizza with friends at the party and spontaneously having some of that birthday cake.. I can't really explain it :(

How is no longing consuming something which isn’t yours, limiting yourself? Don’t succumb to this ideology in society that the only “good” food in non vegan food. There are GLORIOUS vegan cafes, bakeries, pizza places, restaurants - you have no need to miss out.

How many figs a day can I eat

That’s like saying how many breaths a day can I take

Dear Rosie,could you please give me advice?I have struggled with eating disorders(mostly bulimia)for years but I am mostly recovered.I have worked really hard on myself in the past year.I have never told anyone about my years of struggle(people didn't notice,I was never at a low weight, always average).But I am finally ready to talk about it.I have been with my bf for 2yrs and I really want to tell him.I am so scared he will be mad for keeping it a secret all this time :( how should I do this?:/

Wow my beautiful earthling, you’ve been through a ride and you’ve made it through by yourself. You should be extremely proud of yourself.

Talk to him at a quiet and peaceful time, maybe when you’re going to bed. First explain that this is something you haven’t shared before and have kept secret for many years. Secrets are a huge thing about eating disorders. Just tell him the truth, tell him how you chose to recover and how far you have come in the past year especially - and now you feel ready at the point of your recovery to cleanse it from your system, get that energy out of your mind and speak them aloud to someone else, who loves you.

He won’t be angry at you, and if he is it’s only because he doesn’t understand and he’s angry because he couldn’t help you at the time. He’s not angry at you, he’s angry about his own emotions.

I hope it goes well and this helps x

I've always struggled with body image and after following your blog for about a month, you have really inspired me to stop worrying about my weight. I'm now concerned with maintaining a healthy, STRESS FREE lifestyle and I can thank you for that! Keep up the good work girl xx


This is freaking awesome and I am overwhelmed with the incredible messages I am receiving the past 12 hours, you guys are melting me!
I am SO happy, thank you for allowing me into your life and trusting me. Sending love and good vibrations xx

You've inspired me to follow a raw vegan 80/10/10 lifestyle. I'm very, very excited for all that is in store for me! Today is my first day though, and I have a quick question. In the book, it mentioned coffee as a toxin. I drink coffee almost as much as I drink tea, and I was just wondering if you drink it, or if it would be okay in your opinion to have a cup a day. Thank you so much. xxx

This is so beautiful, I am so thrilled I have had this influence. Yay! I’m excited for what’s in store for you :)

Okay, pretty much / ideally I avoid caffeine. It calcifies your pineal gland, and for a person like me who cares about that connection, I try to avoid it. So I go on and off, long months without coffee and then I have it every few days if/when I feel like it, then I get back into my tea groove. Coffee hurts my stomach a lot of the time anyway!

I would suggest in your case, yes it would be a brilliant idea to cut back to maybe one a day / buy good quality, organic and fair trade coffee. If you can, maybe just a few times a week, eventually it would be best to cut it (but hey every now and then it’s no biggie). It would be a good idea to go this first week without it though, allow your body to detox.

Big love :) xx



I’ve always loved this pic. 

I find this is what I would utterly adore more than anything in the world, in this very moment.

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first time guiding my friend through pregnancy yoga tomorrow, beyond excited for the connections that will be buzzing ❣

I absolutely adore you! I come to your blog every single day and I love to scroll down and read every question. every post. not in a creepy way hah you just inspire me so much it's insane xxx

This is crazy nice, thank you sweet earthling - it’s a beautiful feeling to know someone looks for me each day. Sending you love xx

This is probably a dumb question but are their different types of vegans? Like ones with fruit and raw ones? Sorry I'm confused:/ I'm trying to learn about it

Not all vegans are healthy, not all are slim, not all eat fruit, not all are fit and not all are any of the expectation you have of a vegan.

Just like every human is different, every vegan is somewhat different. Of course mostly will fit into a category, but every human/vegan has a different intake, we have preferences - we know what does and doesn’t work with our bodies or what we do or don’t want to eat.
Not all vegans eat tofu!
Not all vegans eat salad! (I actually rarely eat salads ever)

• junk food vegans
• regular intake vegans
• raw vegans
• high carb low fat low protein vegans (some fully raw, some not)
• vegans that just eat whatever is vegan

Some people are vegan solely because of animal rights/liberation/activism - it’s not about reaching optimum health.

Then there are people who are vegan solely for their own health - it’s not about the animals.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea. Each vegan has their own reasoning for their lifestyle and this individual intake, we aren’t all the same.

I hope this helps you a little :) x



The Four elements of I Am

Hippie vibes

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